Fleet owners use large trucks for delivering goods throughout the country. As the owner, the trucking company follows federal regulations for lowering risks to the environment and surrounding communities. Nitrous oxide is a common gas emitted from trucks that are a one-half ton or larger. Following regulations appropriately prevents the emission of harmful gases.

Lower the Cost of Maintenance and Servicing

Using diesel exhaust fluid correctly reduces maintenance and servicing requirements for fleet trucks. Fleet owners pay for fewer oil changes and standard maintenance requirements, and the trucks last longer. The exhaust fluid improves the way the trucks perform and give the trucks more torque. Better performance helps drivers complete daily driving requirements and stay on schedule.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency requires all fleet truck owners to use diesel exhaust fluids for lowering dangerous gas emissions. The fleet trucks emit nitrous oxide into the atmosphere and pollute local communities. Diesel exhaust fluid converts the nitrous oxide into a hydrogen and water mixture that isn’t dangerous to the environment. Fleet owners who don’t use the fluids properly face violations of federal laws.

Passing Safety Inspections

Using the diesel exhaust fluid helps the fleet truck owners pass safety inspections. Annual inspections determine if any fleet truck is dangerous to the environment or emitting nitrous oxide. If the authorities detect any nitrous oxide, the vehicle doesn’t pass the inspection and the fleet owner must correct the issue. The vehicle undergoes a second safety inspection. If the truck doesn’t pass a second time, the fleet owner cannot use the truck until the nitrous oxide emissions stop.

Managing Fleet Drivers

The fleet owner instructs the drivers about how to use the diesel exhaust fluid. According to regulations, the drivers add at least 2.5 gallons of the fluids per every 800 miles. Managers add containers and pumps for adding the fluid to the trucks.

Fleet owners follow federal regulations for preventing dangerous gas emissions. Using diesel exhaust fluid keeps the fleet trucks operating at top performance levels and prevents dangers to the environment. Fleet owners who want to learn more about protecting the environment can read about PEAK C&I right now.