I Am Home from Utah

Of course I have been hanging out with people with absurd amounts of money, although only because I have proven useful to one of them. The trip to Utah was more than a little interesting. Of course I do not ski, so I was just another white guy in the middle of Park City for much of the trip. I did sort of try to learn to snowboard, but that ended on my end. At any rate I had to find stuff, in this case people. I was surprised to find an escort service in Salt Lake county, it was quite easily. If I had been asked to find something exotic, then perhaps that would have been more difficult if you know what I mean. It is a rather simple request that I was given, no one said exactly what they wanted or what kind of girl I wanted. It was stunning to me to be honest. If I were in Las Vegas I would expect to be able to find just about any sort of girl that I wanted and other stuff that I personally would find disgusting.

In Utah I thought that the religious types would make good and sure that no one had this kind of fun. I do not really know that much about the place, but everything I had heard led me to a completely different conclusion. At any rate it is really pretty here. I wish that I had my Nikon with me, but of course I had to risk traveling with it since the thing is both really valuable and very fragile. I did take some really nice photos with my phone and I actually met a couple of girls who told me that they were actresses here for the film festival. I believed that they were pretty enough.

I Am Going to Be in Las Vegas for a Month I Think

The company set me up in a terrific place, although I suspect they had no idea why. It is really sweet apartment complex and it seems like every other tenant here is a beautiful girl who works in the huge entertainment industry here. At any rate I do not work in the daytime when the other people are there. They are not supposed to know I am looking over their shoulders. At any rate I work by the pool and it is difficult to focus. One of them told me about the Las Vegas GFE. It was a proposition, for her a business proposition and I think that she was going to offer me a discount. Of course I really did not think that I could afford this. Continue reading