The company set me up in a terrific place, although I suspect they had no idea why. It is really sweet apartment complex and it seems like every other tenant here is a beautiful girl who works in the huge entertainment industry here. At any rate I do not work in the daytime when the other people are there. They are not supposed to know I am looking over their shoulders. At any rate I work by the pool and it is difficult to focus. One of them told me about the Las Vegas GFE. It was a proposition, for her a business proposition and I think that she was going to offer me a discount. Of course I really did not think that I could afford this. I am still paying off my college loans, I just bought a new car and I borrowed some money to buy three acres of land by a lake. If you know no more than me this means the girlfriend experience, which was apparently the only thing that she did.

For the right price she was willing to pretend to be my girlfriend, the whole thing with benefits of course. She even asked me where I would take her out. I did not really know. There’s a million things to do here, but I have not done any of them. Like these girls I work through the night and sleep all morning. I have been waking up around 11 AM and then I have breakfast at this diner down the street. Usually one of these girls will see me and invite me to sit with them. A lot of them want to flirt with me, but a lot of them seem to be on the hunt for a millionaire to marry and then maybe divorce.